Finishing Services

Blacksheep wants your merchandise to be the best ever - that’s why we offer our clients the following retail finishing touches! These options will set you apart from your competitors, and take your brand to the next level. We offer many different options that can be built to fit your needs. Any additional materials needed for finishing will be discussed by your account rep.


All finishing services are completed within your standard printing turnaround time. There are no additional timelines added to your order for finishing services. All finishing is done in house at our facility.


Your finishing services may include some additional items such as hang tags, or branded bags. Your needs will be evaluated and priced accordingly to make sure you have all the materials you need.


  • Please contact us for a custom quote and tell us more about what you're looking for!

Private Label printing

Private label printing is the ultimate way to promote your own brand on each garment. We remove the original tag from the manufacturer and screen print your band or brand’s logo or design in its place. With this stylish enhancement, you’ll look like you’re producing your own apparel! *Garment restrictions may apply.


Hangtag application

For an additional touch of class we offer hangtag application. Send us any custom accent tags, and we’ll attach it to each garment with a plastic handing post. Just like that, your merchandise looks super professional!


Size sticker application

Size sticker application is a great add-on for your retail merchandise. It gives the customer a quick reference for a confident purchase and makes your merch look even more established. This is a great option for bands or brands in retail enviroments, but can also be added to tour merch to keep inventory tracking quick and painless.



Our folding service is a required prerequisite for poly bagging. If you're looking to have your merchandise in a store it's a great addition as well. It can also be a great way to save space on your merch trailer for tour. By neatly folding your merchandise we can fit many more garments per box that is shipped than a standard dozen fold.



No matter if you’re a touring band, starting a brand new clothing line, or a company distributing tee shirts to retail stores, we recognize that first impressions are everything. Polybagging your merchandise creates a polished look that protects your precious cargo from potential hazards. Poly bagging is required for online fulfillment service.