How will my order be shipped?

We prefer UPS or Fedex, but your order can be sent by most major carriers. Shipping fees will be covered by the client before the order ships or can be billed to your own shipper account.


Can I pick up my order myself?

Definitely! We can schedule an appointment for order pickup at our facility if you are in the area.


Can you ship internationally?

Sure we can. Just let us know before building your quote so we can factor in International Shipping in your order.


Can you ship to my band while we're on tour?

Yes. This is a preference for a lot of the musicians we print for, so it's something we do every day. Just make sure we know the details of your drop shipment when placing your order.


Can I get a tracking number for my shipment?

Yes. We will attach tracking numbers to your Work Order in Printavo and have them emailed to you from the carrier. You will be notified when your order ships via email.